Baruch’s ties to Israel remained strong.

 bar mitzvah

Celebrating a Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Rabbi Baruch Korff with the son of the contemporary Zvhiller rebbe in Israel.

In 1984 and 1991, famine was the impetus behind the mass exodus of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. Airlifts called “Operation Moses” and “Operation Solomon” transported a total of 35,000 Jews from Africa to their new home in Israel. Baruch took a personal interest in some of these refugees.[1]


For the last 15 years of his life, Baruch was a regular panelist on "Confluence," a 30-minute television discussion program broadcast in Providence, where he lived in his last years. Other panelists included the Episcopal Bishop of Rhode Island, and a Catholic priest from Massachusetts.

Baruch’s new career


Click to see this photo! Baruch and Max

(above)Baruch put his great oratorical skills to use at the 50th anniversary celebration in 1987 of the marriage of Baruch’s sister Adele to Max Gass. (right) Baruch Korff, left with his brother-in-law, Max Gass, at the same event. Baruch is displaying a photograph that was taken the day of the wedding. Click the photo to see it!

 Baruch donated his collection of more than 50,000 documents and memorabilia to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. The Rabbi Baruch Korff Archives focuses on the plight of European Jews during the 1930s and 1940s, the establishment of the state of Israel, and four decades of American politics. Three aspects of Rabbi Korff’s career are extensively documented: the rescue of European Jews during the Holocaust, the founding of the State of Israel, and his defense of President Richard Nixon during the Watergate era.

Dedication of the Rabbi Baruch Korff Archives
at Brown University, November 4, 1985


(left)  Howard R. Swearer, President of Brown University at the dedication of the Rabbi Baruch Korff Archives, November 4, 1985. In his written introduction to the exhibition catalogue, Dr. Swearer stated, “We are deeply indebted to Rabbi Baruch Korff for making Brown University the repository of his lifelong collection of papers and memorabilia. This is a major addition to the University’s archival library and a treasure trove for the historian and researcher…” [2]

(top middle)  Front left to right: Nathan Korff, Zamira Korff, Howard R. Swearer, President of Brown University, Max Korff, The Right Reverend George N. Hunt (Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese, Rhode Island), Baruch Korff; back: David Korff.

(top right)  Baruch with The Right Reverend George N. Hunt (Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese, Rhode Island)

(bottom middle)  Left to right: George N. Hunt, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese, Rhode Island; unidentified woman; Nathan Korff; Bishop Louis E. Gelineau of the Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island; Baruch Korff

(bottom right)  Exhibition catalog

Baruch autographing a copy of the exhibition catalog at the dedication of the Rabbi Baruch Archives

In his final year, Baruch accompanied his nephew, Paul Gass, on a trip to Poland and Ukraine, where he visited his childhood home and tried to resurrect some religious fervor in the few Jews left in the area.  


Baruch Korff at the Zhitomir Oblast Archives in Ukraine, researching his family history, September 1994

birth certificate

Translation: Recapitulation



Citizen: Korff Boruch Yankel-Sruliovich
Was born on June 10, 1914.
June ten, year one thousand nine hundred fourteen.
Place of birth: Novograd Volynsky
Region   Zhitomir.
This registration in the book of citizens’ status was made
in the year 1914, June 29 under number 81.
Father: Korff  Yankel-Srul Mordkovich.
Nationality:  Jew.
Mother: Korff Gittel Michelivna.
Nationality:  Jewish woman.
Place of Registration:  Novograd Volynsky section ZAGS.
Region: Zhitomir.
Was delivered February 03, 1994. 
               Head of the Registry
                    Office                                             N. Medvedeva

                              1-TP  # 251049 

                                             Translated from Ukrainian

Baruch’s birth was recorded in one of the ledger books found at the Zhitomir Oblast Archives, so Baruch was able to obtain an official copy of his birth certificate.

Click here for an extensive description of Baruch and Paul's Ukraine journey, including photographs.

Baruch’s last book, The President and I, was published in the spring of 1995, His nephews, Paul Gass and Grand Rabbi Yitzchok Aharon Korff, held a reception for Baruch at the Harvard Club in Boston to celebrate this accomplishment.

An invitation to the debut of Baruch’s book

Three months after the reception, Baruch died of pancreatic cancer on July 26, 1995, at his home in Providence, Rhode Island.

To see how Baruch Korff wanted to be remembered, read “The Child is Father to the Man.”


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